One week ago today—June 6, 2012—I launched this website, and my blog was out for the world to see.

On that exact day, friends of ours welcomed their first baby boy, Blake, into the world. Of course, Facebook pages were filled with pictures and congratulations from family and friends, and it was a joyous occasion.

Blake’s mom wrote a post that day that stuck out in my mind. She wrote, “I never realized I could possibly love someone more then words can describe after just meeting them, but Blake you stole my heart.”

Another friend replied to that post and wrote, “Amazing, isn’t it?”

I sat reading that post, and thinking, yeah, I remember that feeling, it is amazing. To stare at that little life lying in your arms is the most amazing feeling in the world—a life that’s totally innocent and completely dependent on you.

I recently finished reading a novel, What Alice Forgot, by Liane Moriarty. Alice’s sister, Elisabeth, was unable to have children, and a good bit of the story was about her personal struggle with her inability to become a mother. In the end, she found that there are more ways than one to make that happen.

Coincidentally, the protagonist in my first novel, Julie, was a foster child growing up, and a good part of my book is about her struggle with that.

Perhaps you have kids of your own. Maybe you’ve adopted or fostered a child. Others focus on their nieces and nephews, and that too is something to treasure. I cannot pretend to understand the inability to have a child, but I’ve had different kinds of struggles, and what I’ve found to be most true over the years is this: The luckiest people—kids and adults alike—are the ones who give and find love without boundaries.

Welcome to the world, baby Blake. You are lucky to be blessed with an overwhelming supply of unconditional love. ♥

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