3/14/60 — 6/18/14

Who knew a transfusion

could cause such intrusion?

In the midst of your prime

blood was stealing your time.

Once proud, young, and strong,

you fell sick far too long.

For, an athlete in purple is still just a mortal

when fate rises up and throws you a hurdle.

Unfair as it was, in the face of life’s wrinkle,

your eyes still shown bright, maintaining their twinkle.

You fought a good fight with all of your might.

You taught us to love,

you showed how to live.

And your smile, God bless it, stretched on for a mile.

A husband, a father,

a son, and a brother,

an uncle, a friend,

you were strong to the end.

Fly now with the doves.

It’s our turn to give

permission for peace, for rest, and relief.

Though the pain is all gone, you’ll forever live on

in our hearts, in our souls, in the place where we hold

treasured moments between us, good, sad, new, and old.

Fly now with the doves.

It’s our turn to love.

The memories that bind us will teach and remind us

to smile a mile and wink with a twinkle,

to stand up and fight against life’s every wrinkle.

The stars and the clouds, they will comfort us now.

Somehow we will know, we will see your sweet glow.

In every blue sky, in every bright star,

nature reminds us you’ll never be far.

Each time we look up, we will raise up our cup

and know that you’re better until we’re together.

Kiss Nana, kiss Pop, and give them my love.

I know you’re all smiling at us from above.