I’m ashamed to admit, I watched the very first Harry Potter” movie for the very first time last night.

Making books into movies is something I think most authors aspire toward when it comes to their work. But it’s a tricky business. There’s something about a person’s imagination—each of us will interpret and envision things slightly differently than the next. Therefore, when a movie producer attempts to portray all of those scenes we saw in our mind’s eye, he’s bound to fail. For many people, his translation from words-on-paper to the-big-screen will fall short of expectation. That’s why so many people who see a movie after they’ve read the book walk out commenting, “The book was better.”

I’ve never been a big fan of sci-fi or fantasies, so Harry Potter (although, of course I knew it was out there), never really stuck on my radar. I have to say, though, that I was impressed with the overwhelming amount of imagination it must have taken for J. K. Rowling to produce such a story. And then she kept it going…one Harry Potter book after another, and each one a huge success.

On another note, J. K. Rowling’s personal story has always fascinated me. She didn’t walk into fame easily, and she struggled, as many authors do. She began the first book on a train, for God sake. A train! As with many successful authors, the agents and publishers who turned her down (no doubt) had many sleepless nights after she made it big. Even her website has always been unique and intriguing—a work of art all by itself.

I found myself wondering last night what J. K. Rowling thought of the movies made in the name of her well-known character. I wondered if the pictures on the screen met her expectations. Personally, I am amazed at the talent and imagination she possessed that allowed her write the stories in the first place. I mean…wow. Her creativity is truly inspirational.